Friday, November 30, 2018

Reboot - part 2

As if the trip, the book and the revamped web presence wasn't enough -

Yes, I bought a new camera. In fact after ten years I have ditched my Nikon DSLRs and moved over to the Fuji mirrorless system.

In addition to the body I got a 23mm f2 lens for everyday walking around, a 50mm f2 for portraits and a 55-200mm f3.5-4.8 for those occasions where a zoom is needed.

Why the change. Essentially it was the result of seeing the Fuji X-T3 in action while in Iran. Size and weight were considerations as was ease of use. Most important, however, were the benefits of the mirrorless system and the EVF in shooting at night. The ability to see what you are going to get in advance was so superior to the clumsy number of 'test' shots required with the DSLR.

It will also be fun. and challenging, to shoot with prime lenses after years of only using zooms.

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